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How to Promote Your Blog Posts in Twitter and Digg

In my today’s article I am going to tell you how to promote your best articles so as to attract lots of new visitors. The best way to promote your articles is viaTwitter,Digg,StumbleUpon,Delicious andFacebook. Now the secret is, before start promoting your articles you must create a trusted network of friends. Yes! this is the secret of all the sites mentioned above.

( Note that you need to write a great blog post first )

Promote Blog Posts


  • Suppose, you have written an article and want to make it popular on Digg, you cannot do it until and unless you’ve a good network of friends on Digg. So, the first step is “create a network of friends“.
  • Register your account on any one of the site, sayTwitter and start following 10 people.
  • Now, add those 10 people on Facebook also and get to know them a bit.
  • Re-tweet their every article and ask them to re-tweet your articles also.
  • Do this for some days and increase your friends and follow 10 more people and add them of Facebook again and get to know them a bit, re-tweet their posts and ask them to re-tweet your articles also.
  • After few weeks you will find atleast 25+ friends that will notice you and plays a fair game (re-tweets your posts)
  • After a month, if you tweet any article of yours on Twitter, you will surely get 25+ tweets. As you will increase your friends, your tweets will also increase. Working hard can yield upto 100+ re-tweets.
  • Now, add those 25+ friends on Digg and StumbleUpon also that you think are genuine and plays a fair game.
  • In this way you will create a network of trusted friends on Twitter, Digg and StumbleUpon. This is our main task.
  • As we have created a network of friends, promoting articles now will become very easy. Simply write any article, submit it on Twitter, Digg and StumbleUpon and you will be surprised to see the number of visitors you will get from these websites.

This is the best method of promoting your articles on web. So, along with writing articles, also work on creating a network of friends. Once you do it, getting traffic will not be a big deal.