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How To Create Hair & Beauty Salon Website In Five Easy Steps

hair-beauty-salon-websiteCreating a website is a great way of making your hair beauty salon more accessible to customers. You can have a funky, professional website for your business up and running in no time. All you have to do is follow the tips below, and learn how to create hair beauty salon website that will be sure to attract customers to your hair beauty salon.

1. Create a website with Weebly

First things first, you need to have a platform to build your site from, and Weebly is the perfect place to go. Weebly is an easy to use web-hosting service that lets you create your own website for free. The free option is excellent and gives you all the tools you need to create an awesome website, but you can also opt for a paid version if you are interested in any of the extra perks. Visit the site to open up an account and get started.

2. Name your beauty hair salon website and pick an address

hair-beauty-salon-website-2 You will be asked to choose a name for your website, which is where you would put down the name of your hair salon. Under “Type of Site” you can select business since that will be the purpose of your salon website. You will be able to then choose an address for your website. You have the option of using a subdomain of Weebly, or registering your own domain.

3. Design your website

Once you’re done with setting up, it’s time to start editing. The great thing about Weebly is that it is just easy drag and drop. You can start by picking from the many design templates Weebly offers to replace the default design. It’s a good idea to choose something funky and fun for your hair salon website so that it stands out. After selecting a design, you can drag and drop elements to the page.

4. Add pages about your hair beauty salon

Now it’s time to add the text and images that will personalize your hair salon website. You can simply add new pages from the Pages Menu. When it comes to a hair salon website, the key pages you want to make sure you have:

  • About Us. On this page you need to give visitors to your website some information about who you are and what hair salon services you specialize in.
  • Services. Include a list of all the services you offer at your salon and their prices.
  • Gallery. Website’s are all about the visual, and visitors to your site will love to see what your hair salon can do. You might choose to include before and after pictures, or great hair styles you have done.
  • Contact Us. Have all the contact details to your hair salon on this page, including your salon’s number, address and email.
  • 5. Publish your website

    When you have added all the pages, text, photos and other elements you want to include, you’re ready to publish, and all it takes is clicking Publish. You can now sit back and admire your hair beauty salon website. After publishing it, you will be able to sign in to Weebly at any time and edit it if you wish.

    [photo credits deanwissing, MarkWallace ]

How to create an email form

email formForms are essential components of a website. Each website has at least one form. You can include basic forms that are designed to collect contact information. Websites can also have order entry forms to make it easy for users to make purchases. These forms are important for a business because they offer an effective way for your visitors to communicate with you.

How they work

Web forms also provide a way for businesses to convert the leads they get. Contact forms offer an easy way for businesses to retain the personal details that users provide. You can use them to measure and monitor progress. When a customer visits your site, they fill in their personal information. This allows you to collect and identify the data. You can increase sales by converting the leads you get. Web forms provide you with a streamlined process that allows you to get information promptly and use it discreetly. For an effective web form, you have to include readable, concise, and clear labels.

Building Web Forms

Most customer management software systems usually provide plugin tools that you can use to build contact forms. These systems offer comprehensive instructions on how to install the plugins and personalize the settings to create a customized web form.
Adding a custom built email form to your website is another option. This option gives you the maximum flexibility. See this page on creating a simple HTML form to send email

When you are building a form, you need to remember that more is not always better. You have to reduce the number of fields that you include on the form. This will make it easier for users to fill in the information that you require. Include mandatory fields on the form and leave out optional details. Some of the fields you to use include business name, email address, city, name, website. You can also make the filling process easier by including an email address as the only field on the form.

Adding a Form to your Website

Here are a set of ready to use contact forms.

Find the link to download the form. Follow the instructions in the downloaded file to edit the code and add your own email address to receive the form submissions. Upload the updated form to your website. Test the form. Note that you can customize and add additional fields to the form using a text editor. Test the form once it is complete to determine if it is working as required. Link the form from the main pages of your website.